Why do you think that? would a potential suitor not show their hand only after the feasibility study?

I think you said in an earlier post; waiting for drilling results is hideous. Well it is. But will the publication of the exploration results of the JV do something with the LCC stock price? Or is the main movement to be expected on the JV'red stock price (in this case Cascadero?)

For Lumina, I recall that David Strang said that the "project is big enough, and that making it bigger will not raise the price of the project". The value of the project would, depending on what analyst you follow, be 15+ or even 20+CAD/share. Still the current price is 10- CAD/share, so the market anyhow does not valuate the real value; a good exploration result will maybe not do a lot here.

2 months (+ some delay?) still to go to the feasibility study. I guess (hope) that will/would move Lumina higher. Ross Beaty bought stocks at around the same price as Lumina is now, so if you buy now, you should be in the clear, no?