A first awareness (or a game changer) followed by other actions (fiscal incentives, etc.)?

Copper, the next boom in the mining industry Argentina

By Carlos Balboa


Abstract - Comments of Argentinean officials:

  • The country will begin to be a true global copper power, from 2016, in time to the start of production of between 10 and 15 large projects
  • Very soon we will be a leading nation in both volume and in productive investment
  • Chinese capital interested in participating in this venture
  • According to mining ministry, there are about 100 prospects with copper mineralization identified in the country
  • It is time for Argentina to enforce its copper reserves
  • The future of Argentina would be able to produce more copper than gold
  • Fourth overall reservoir - Beyond these proposals in Catamarca and San Juan, stand four more high productive potential: Taca Taca, in Salta; Famatina, La Rioja, San Jorge, in Mendoza, and Campana Mahuida in Neuquén. Powered by Lumina Copper, the site Salta offers better prospects than the other three, who are on standby for complications and community standards



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