I would need to see a map of the new additions to comment. However, I was aware that there was a share of a claim available to the south of the current two JV'd claims. It could be that one.

If it is the claim to the south that is quite interesting because although there is less copper and molybdenum in that claim there are some very good samples of gold.

Obviously, as they move north-east with these claims they get closer to Chile and to the largest copper mine in the world. It has already been expressed by more than one geologist that they believe that all the land between Lumina and Chile is rich in copper, molybdenum, with pockets of gold and silver.

I also suspect that Lumina is cooperating with a 'suitor in waiting' hence why they are staking more claims and they already know that the deal is as good as signed. This despite what the CEO said in a press release later last year that Lumina was not interested in expanding the resource. They are doing the exact opposite of what Strang said. Looks like Strang's competitive Olympic streak is at play here. He gave us a bum steer for whatever reason.