Somebody told me that companies based in Chile have favorable tax legislation with Argentina i.e. an advantage that no other country has. Chile is also the centre of the universe as far as copper is concerned. Any mined copper will inevitably be transported through Chile. Hence why the winning suitor will most likely be from Chile. Also, the Argentinean copper drums are telling me that the most likely suitor is from Chile and those same copper drums were right about the JV. I suspect that after the exploration results are announced it is likely that a suitor will declare their hand.

I could tell you the name of the company but what would be the point? Nobody would believe me. Been there and done that. Not a pleasant experience. I'll give you a clue: it's one of the top three Chilean copper producers. Now speculate amongst yourselves. I am not revealing the name.

So now you know when and you have a rough idea by whom. Who knows, maybe some other company will upstage the company from Chile. I doubt it.