@Skibum2 Your conclusions are nonsense. The claims were not acquired from Salta (which is 50% owned by CCD). I know that you have not said that but you are implying that. CCD is not 'along for the ride'. Salta is an equal partner (and CCD owns a 50% share of that equal partner). Lumina's exploration contractors are being used because they were 25 meters away from the boundary when the JV was announced and they had run out of work to do.

CCD is the only way that you can invest in Salta. Which, by the way is a very good idea, because Salta has four times more land claimed in that region than Lumina. Those two joint ventured claims increase Lumina's exploration footprint three-fold (bearing in mind that it can only explore one third of its initial claim due to environmental restrictions).

Salta has just tripled Lumina's potential with that JV. They are very obviously not just 'along for the ride'.