GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV) Benefits from Intellinetics Technology

For more than two decades, GlobalWise wholly owned subsidiary Intellinetics has focused on helping organizations operate faster, leaner, and smarter by digging their way out of information. The company’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, deployed via the cloud or stand-alone, is designed to facilitate the storage and access of documents and records, allowing them to flow freely with authorized 24/7 worldwide access. It’s a highly marketable product at a time when up to 85 percent of content, which can be critical to security and compliance issues, is essentially trapped as unstructured data.

Intellinetics’ software product architecture is Open Database Compliant (ODBC) and compatible with all major operating systems, offering seamless integration into virtually any existing database environment. Having the look and functionality of MS Windows, Intellinetics software is easy to deploy and use. The software utilizes an innovative mass-storage algorithm to compress stored information, so that files matching search specifications can be instantly retrieved, regardless of the number of files, the size of the network, or the number of simultaneous users.

Intellinetics’ flagship product, Intellivue, is an advanced document management platform, DMS-independent, representing an industry benchmark in compatibility, flexibility, and operational efficiency. It features DirectVU, easily linking with existing host business applications and sophisticated document imaging technology for distributed capture, automated indexing, advanced content extraction, and image cleanup.

Intellinetics also offers Redactivue, an advanced automated document redaction solution with accuracy, flexibility, and power. Redactivue is designed to enable users to quickly and efficiently design, test, and deploy intelligent redaction templates which support an unlimited number of unique content filters. Redactivue also includes a comprehensive quality review and approval workflow engine that is completely configurable by document category. As a result, unique law and policy requirements may be accommodated within one simple framework.

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