GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV) Hits Home Run with

In a recent interview that Hearing Review had with, a GlobalWise channel sales partner, it was clear that was especially enthusiastic about eDocs, the just launched cloud-based document management system developed in partnership with GlobalWise subsidiary Intellinetics. is the largest provider of cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software systems specifically designed for the hearing care industry. They support over 65% of the audiology clinics in the U.S., and are growing by approximately 50 clinics every month. The company spent many months researching to identify the right ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software provider to help Sycle’s customers get a handle on all the patient documents naturally associated with health care environments. As their CEO, Ridge Sampson, stated: “Nothing is more important than our reputation with our audiology clients”. Their final choice was GlobaWise, and their Intellinetics Intellivue software platform. There were a number of factors involved in the choice, but one was the ability to easily and seamlessly integrate the Intellivue software platform into pre-existing software systems such as’s.

eDocs enhances the ability of authorized clients to access patient documents wherever there is Internet access. For example, eDocs allows an individual user to leave work, go home or travel, and then later use their own computer or other point of access to have all updated patient documents in front of them. It’s not only tremendously flexible, it’s a big step in freeing up storage space, making the entire business environment easier to manage. One of the early users of the system spoke of the major efficiencies gained by accessing clinical records using their fleet of iPads, and talked about being able to process over 14,000 documents in only 20 business days.

All of this represents a big win for GlobalWise, both now and in the future. serves over 6,000 audiology clinics and 18,000 individual users, providing an unbeatable opportunity for the company to rapidly expand the installed client base.

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