surprises me to see that IG is seeing more activity in its dead days then when it was almost a producer..??

so somethings up?

and it smells good.

why... well think about it.!!!

CAN GoCR afford any kind of settlement with IG..??

they're gonna get sued for $1.7Bill oh in say 5 months..

do ya think some ppl are sweating... just a little bit.


Election year is comin' up..!

they can either say, NO to IG  and let their ppl get sued for $1.7Bill


Grant back to IG what it was right fully thier given that they did all the necessary hoops.

and EARN $1Bill in tax rev over the life of the mine...!!!


to me this is clear as crystal.

NO DOUBT in my MIND that IG will be back!!!

and at much better AU prices this thing getting ready to fly ....sorry take off.. sorry launch..!!!


This is my gutt feeling...!