Costa Rica is a different ball game. In this case we are not "fighting" the government, they may very well be asked to provide evidence in support of our case. We have all the permits, we have invested capital in the country, we provided employment to  the local people, we have presidential approval. 

IF, and I say "IF" this goes the ICSID route, then it would not be a long journey. There would be no need to determine the legality of the project, believe me, that's a done deal (the ICSID deal only in facts). The only item of debate in this fiasco is HOW MUCH COMPENSATION IS INFINITO TO RECEIVE.  A case such as ours would be decided relatively quick. It would not take 9 years.

IG does not need a sala 1V decision prior to commencing arbitration, they could drop the appeal and apply immediately. What we all would prefer is for the court to accept our appeal and rule on its merits. You know as well as I, that what has transpired in Costa Rica is a farce. If it goes the ICSID route, Costa Rica's judicial system (or lack of it) will be duly exposed.

So, what's next?

I would speculate that IG will issue an ultimatum, rule on our appeal or we go straight to arbitration seeking compensation for investment loss and future profit loss.

As I stated at the beginning, this is a totally different scenario from the Vz case TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

Sancab, I understand your  frustration. I invested in this company because of the people in charge. My frustration with them is that they play strictly by the rules of the game while the others do not. Imagine, criticizing someone for being ethical, crazy.