the CR case is eons away...

first IG has to wait it out for the local courts to make a final decision.why?

because ICSID will not accept a case if ALL local options have not been exhausted.

so, this mean the SALA IV appeal has to be resolved.

SALA IV its self is in the middle of a mess with their judge not being permitted to get an extension.

this will take till end of the year 2013.

then IGs case will be heard in 2014, which is election year.

then a decision post election.

so the earliest i can see IG do any thing with ICSID is 2014 mid.

even if you're optimistic and IG does something with ICSID in 2013, ICSID will take 9 years to resolve it.

and that too with not guarantees.

I don't know about you but who's going to wait another 10years?

its a sad ending but its time to wipe the tears and move on...!!!