..i only wonder how this will impact the icsid decision in Venezuela...?


may be the new guy will not want to get entangled with the world courts...

and may be they'll settle with damages...


almost the same scenario as CR, but much advanced.

maybe CR is wait to see if ICSID will really do anything with IG in the world court...

and then the CR judge will decide


we're rolling into 2013...

IG would have been a producer by now in CR... and CR benefitting from the tax rev.

anyway, this is a loose loose situation for both CR and the IG investors.


I still feel there is hope with IG... IF;

- an honest judge makes the right decision and GRANTs IG their mine back

- and the ICSID case is settled and IG moves on and does not forget its investors


I know the IG mgmt ppl are good people and they will make the right decisions.


in either of the cases, the AU will be mined.

the only question is who?

and all clues are pointing EAST..!!!