the las crucitas is a $4B asset

it will get mined... one day

may be IG, may be not.

but it will get mined


the chinese has penetrated in CR

so guess who is the most likely purchaser


the question is what will be left for the share holders for waiting for 12 years...??

certainly, AU price are well above where they were in 2001.

IG should get atleast 10% of Las Crucitas asset

10% of $4B is $400MM


with $100MM in debt paid out to Exploram

there should be plently left for the shareholders..


but my gut feeling is telling me that IG will get their mine back.


because they did nothing wrong and followed all the rules to the last bit.

the next judge will see this and make a favourable decision for IG

sometimes you have to stand by what is right

and i feel IG is right and they will get what they deserve... one day!!!