It would seem that the main obstacle to Infinito's appeal being accepted by the Sala 1V for consideration, never mind actually being adjudicated, is the one and only Fernando Cruz. Why he refuses to participate in the process only he ( and the so called environmentalists) can tell, (and he / they won't). The so called environmentalists are in panic mode at the thought that he will be removed from the Sala 1V.

The latest news from Costa Rica suggests that the The Sala 1V will rule on the validity of his non re-election. An appeal has been submitted to the Sala 1V court in this regard and I would assume that it will not take over a year to rule on it !!!!!!!!!

Fernando Cruz in an interview the other day acknowledged the fact that his removal could affect the Las Crucitas case ( you betcha).  

In other related news:

The witch hunt against Oscar Arias continues with the latest attack being directed towards Arias's peace foundation. The prosecution "ALLEGES" that of a $2.4 million donation from Taiwan to Costa Rica, $1 million is suspected of ending up in the peace foundation. 

If that was not enough, the criminal court of finance is conducting an investigation to determine if Mr Mannix  (who is described as a partner of the company, Infinito) donated $250,000 via his Canadian foundation Norlien, to Arias's peace foundation.

The director of the peace foundation stated that Infinito never made any donation to the foundation. Mr. Mannix had previously offered a grant of $250.000 for addiction treatments in costa Rica but that it was refused. It would seem that there are no limits, no depths that this vindictive bunch will not lower themselves in order to smear the reputation of an individual or company.



The other interesting question posed to Fernando Cruz the other day was, IF the Sala 1V court ruled in favor of Infinito's appeal, would all the pending charges against current government officials be dropped?

His answer   POSSIBLY   (I take that as a yes)   

Now, hopefully everyone can see how high the stakes are.