Venezuela payout, if it ever happens, will go to Barrick. not to shareholders.

CR is the only hope and they know that.

a positive decision here will be a game changer.

ie., SALA IV over rules SALA I, as per my previous post mentioning that SALA IV has the last word.


AU prices are not going down for a long time to come.

infact they're expected to go up ,,, well north of $2400/oz.

IG with 1M oz @ 2400/oz is worth $2.4B.

that AU is coming out one way or another.


As long as Ron Mannix does pull the plug on IG(which is exactly what they want via the delay tacticts)

IG still has chance.


in the last 3 months, watch the volume... its been really high... in the MMs.

Jul 18---- 640000 @ $0.03

Sep 17 --1,000,000 @ $0.02

Sep 18---459,000 @ $0.03

Oct 5 --- 480,000 @ $0.02

we did not even see this kind of selling/buying when the decsion came out and stock dropped from $0.18 to $0.08


....this is telling me somethings up.


I think CR really needs rethink their AU project.

Global markets are not recovering.... and USD is going down fast...!


Oscar Aries who is now under investigation made the right decision on IG approval.

he had the foresight to see this extending beyond a bubble.


AU bull market is going to be here for a long long time...!!!