We are now into about month 11 after we were told that a decision should be 5 to 9 months.... anything coming soon ?  Perhaps the company could provide an update ?


quote from Company News Release:

The Company has been in arbitration with the government of Venezuela regarding the Las Cristinas project since calendar 2001. During the six months ended September 30, 2011 the company conducted final preparations for the arbitration hearings which took place during the first week of October 2011. The Company anticipates that a ruling could take anywhere from five to nine months to render, however, this timeframe is not based upon any formal commitment made by the arbitration panel and as such any decision rendered may take longer. The Company advises that there is no certainty regarding the nature and timing of the ruling of the arbitral tribunal on the Las Cristinas case and, if successful, that there is no certainty on the amount of a monetary award, if any.