94.3 Reloj (clock radio) had this little piece on Las Crucitas. Although it is basically a rehash of all that we know, I am starting to see the case crop up in media sources that previously gave it but a cursory review.

The president of the court Ana Virginia Calzada is under pressure to deliver a decision. She was quoted on one website (I will try and find it again) as saying that the cyanide question/objection raised at the tribunal (and I take a little license here) failed to recognize that Infinito's method of cyanide capture differed greatly from previous mining methods. The truth of the matter is that this is a political matter and a witch hunt combined. There are those in Costa Rica that would like to see Arias's head on a platter. Infinito HAS NOT / DID NOT / WOULD NOT commit an illegal act. All permits were obtained within the legal framework of the Costa Rican judicial system. The figure of US $1.2 Billion compensation remains out there.



In a rare situation, the Constitutional Court takes 6 months and a half defining whether it supports a constitutional challenge presented by the company Industrias Infinito and seeks brought down the judgment of the court litigation in the case Crucitas.

The company and the state were convicted in 2010, ruling that upheld the First Chamber in December 2011 to pay damages and to cease its activities in environmental damages.

However, the company turned to the Constitutional Court who years ago had ruled in favor of mining in Cutris of San Carlos.

The decision set a precedent. If the support and votes with place could obviate the "double jeopardy" of the First Chamber and if rejected could give way to international arbitration of the company.

The environmental lawyer, Alvaro Sagot, said they are very quiet as they progress in the execution of the judgment.

Meanwhile, the company spokeswoman, Joquebec Soto understands the complexity of the case, but are anxious because of the vote depends on what steps will Industrias Infinito.