The international community is fully aware of Venezuela's decision to exit from the ICSID. Current cases ARE NOT AFFECTED. It poses a serious dilemma however to international firms that have future plans to invest / expand in Venezuela, NO LEGAL PROTECTION.

We will have to wait for the final ruling regarding our case. I remain confident that we will be successful. The question is how much damages will Infinito receive? That is the major time consuming component of this "end game".


Costa Rica:

The waiting game continues. The legal system in Costa Rica defies logic. Here again we wait.

The SALA 1V court was in the news this past week for overturning a recent decision concerning ARESEP (The regulatory authority for public services).  Deputy Manrique Oviedo who is furious that the Sala 1V court reversed a previous court's decision, is quoted as saying "does this mean that, from today, any resolution of the Room Fourth, if there is sufficient muscle power the request to reverse a decion, you can do"


Oviedo also said that he/they have information from a very reliable source that a majority group of four is forming within the Sala 1V court with the intention of revering the proceedings against the Crucitas Mining project. 

For the record, Oviedo is against the project