Sancab, I thought about it and since Mannix got involved the amount of shares in the market has gradually increased, slowly but outragously, this has forced a falling price to fall lower and faster, to the detriment of all but one shareholder - there may be a pay day sometime in the distant future but only one man will walk away satisfied.  My wife walked away from this when the share price was $3.12 - foolishly I hung in until it went down to
.80.  I no longer have a holding but I still think back to the days of hope but no matter what went wrong in Venezuela or in Costa Rica, most of all I dislike the way one man has taken a public company and run it as an entirely private enterprise and then has the sheer audacity to charge 19% for his loans - ultimately of course he will settle for a further increased shareholding to the detriment of every other stockholder.