You could be correct, but he really doesn't need any more money...its his pride he would probably like to recover.    I don't know that he has much of a say in the speed at which things move in Costa Rican courts and that probably annoys him.     There is a glimmer of hope that the Sala IV will make a ruling giving full rights to IG at the mine.   I do not believe that they will mine, though and the Govt will go to the table and pay them out some settlement.    That will signal the downfall of Lady Laura but this issue as always been about politics and the usual skullduggery that occurs in places where bananas grow.

I could see some pops in the stock now and again as court decisions near or numbers come out on the table, but all in all, courts in central and south america are corrupt and useless, which usually leads to bridges falling down and widespread poverty.      I wonder when and if these guys will ever figure it out that the only thing they have going for them is a lovely winter climate.