The Sala 1V is fully aware of the ramifications of this appeal. Deny the appeal and Costa Rica will have to pay compensation to Infinito. Uphold the appeal and the "so called environmentalists" enter therapy. 

The following article (Google translated) from radio Santa Clara appeared the other day.



President of the Chamber IV says take two months discussing whether to admit Crucitas action case.

By Carmen Corella

The Constitutional Court has in its hands to put an end to the case or revive Crucitas and void all actions taken so far, allowing Crucitas activity Cutris of San Carlos.

The action to be decided was filed in December and spent nearly four months in which even the judges are determining whether to admit or not the case for study.

Ana Virginia Calzada, President of the Constitutional Court found that two months ago she presented a draft eligibility, but who can not agree.

While declining to reveal every detail about the contents of the bill, warning that it could fall into crime, according to unofficial sources in the text supports the appeal.

However, the decision by the fund is controversial. In the event that the Fourth Board to declare the action is unconstitutional, it could cancel a performance of his colleagues in the Chamber I.

Supporters of the project insist that the contentious statement, which paralyzed mining Crucitas had already been resolved by the Constitutional Court.

Meanwhile, environmentalists filed a brief last week asking the Fourth Board make a decision quickly.