the issue about the leak is, in my mind, a non-issue.

the real issue is SALA1 contradicting SALAIV.


IG was counting on this not happening, on the basis of their legal counsel, who are, well versed with the CR law.

How is it that these stoopid legal counsel could give IG the assurity of positive outcome?!!


Now that we even that is in the past, there is'nt much left for IG to do other than file for ICSID arbit.


SALAIV has'nt come out, and will not come out and say anything against SALA1. If there was some wrong done by SALA1, SALA IV would've said something. SILENCE MEANS CONSENT!!!


So, here we are. IG has
in the kitty. No ICSID launched in CR. No Mines. unless i missed something, its

pretty much over for IG.


The only thing IG can hope is a positive ruling in Venezuela, which will give about $75mm. don't forget that

the orignal owner is BARICK GOLD. so again, they don't have anything.


So either IG is going to pull rabbit out of its (u know what)... which is just shy of a miracle, I don't see much good coming out of this.


It would help if the mgmt would atleast say something.