The murky world of Costa Rican politics continues to turn. Last week, the attorney representing Moses Fachler (the alleged source of the Sala 1 leak) stated that the fingerprint(s) on the leaked document were proven not to be that of Facher's. This story gets dirtier as each day progresses

ALSO: Jose Rivera, a lawyer who represented (amongst other things)  the workers at las Crucitas, stated that  Mendez (the whistleblower of the whole affair) offered him (Rivera) 2 million colons to testify to the courts. 


I doubt if we will see an official announcement re International arbitration until all legal avenues are officially exhausted within Costa Rica. An application to the ICSID requires that all legal challenges within Costa be dropped. Don't forget, Infinito's constitutional challenge continues to present a problem to the judicial system. We may very well see a decision re Venezuela before an official application is forwarded to the ICSID concerning Las Crucitas