I'm not trying to speak for circelburn but I think your being unfair. I think he told it like he saw it.


I also pumped (if you want to call it that) EAS. I got burned big time on EAS as did many people.


I feel that there was quite a bit of elective disclosure from the company during the runup of the sp, it fooled a bunch of geos (I am not a geo) on the board and many others like sprott.


Let's just say I'm very PO'd but I also do not want to get sued by saying things here that someone with more $ than me can take me to court on. Let's just say I should have read the signals and bailed out between 7.50 and 6.30.


The key indicator for me should have been insider selling, but I did not sell when I saw it. What a fool I was for not following one of my golden trading rules when playing venture stocks.