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Herbalife HLF

Sector: Consumer Defensive | Sub-Sector: Household & Personal Products

Herbalife, Ltd., is a global nutrition company that sells weight management, healthy meals and snacks, sports and fitness, energy and targeted nutritional products as well as personal care products.
Price: $65.85 | Change: $-0.26 | %Change: -0.39%
Volume: 2.6m | Day High/Low: 67.15/65.21 | 52 Week High/Low: 83.51/49.35

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RE:Ackman & Congress

carlos, Ackman can't wait for Herbalife to sue him so his lawyers can subpoena and seize Herbalife internal documents to help him prove his case. He pretty much said so when a reporter alluded to the...read more
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Ackman & Congress

Ackman said some pretty strong stuff bordeline libelous IMO; so congress today will be looking into these allegations to see....if there is smoke is there a real fire. A ponzi scheme is where...read more
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Ackman not the Only Hedge Fund Manager Shorting Herbalife

http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2014/07/23/why-one-herbalife-short-seller-not-named-ackman-remains-confident/ (...) Whitney Tilson, founder and managing partner of Kase Capital Management...read more
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Is Herbalife using Threat of Deportation to Silence Critics?

You can form your own opinion, but that seems to be the belief in the Latino community, although it has yet to be proven. A wise investment could be for Ackman to offer legal support to those in the...read more
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RE:I love Bill Ackman's approach to investing

I have to agree with you. Herbalife's business model does seem sleazy and could be illegal and fraudulent. Ackman doesn't usually take a swing unless he really believes in what he's doing. CP's a...read more
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Hope he doesn't quit his day job because he would have trouble as a trial lawyer getting a conviction. carlos  rate and reply
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his presentation of his lifetime today

sure made markets believe in his case that hlf is a fraud, Ponzi scheme. not!!! cheers, dave.  rate and reply
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I love Bill Ackman's approach to investing

I can honestly say I hope he sends this stock to zero.   Herbalife has taken too much money from too many hopefuls trying to start a business on their products.   I haven't seen one retail store a...read more
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Bill Ackman must be smiling today and Carl Icahn is full of wonder and a frown. A very interesting story to follow. At last, a break for Bill Ackman on his Herbalife bet By Mark DeCambre...read more
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RE:A moment of silence for Mr. Ackman

Actually Ackman hedged his massive short position a few months ago so he'll profit just the same.  I played HLF and NUS at the same time and bought quite a few times on the way to the very bottom. It...read more
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RE: Window dressing with Soros stuck short with a 12% gate clause

strelioff... man.. have you been pied in the face with that huh? Soros is long. He disclosed it in a filing. Not rumor. Guess you werent smart enough to figure out why. You were just simple enough...read more
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Window dressing with Soros stuck short with a 12% gate clause

Pershing Square double gates Soro's so expect him to confirm he is not long as he is stuck behind a 12.5% redemption gate. He can not go long because he is trying to clean out his Pershing Square...read more