GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) Capitalizing on Precious Metals
Gold and silver have had explosive run-ups over the last decade. Ten years ago gold traded less than $400 an ounce. Now gold trades above $1,300 an ounce after reaching nearly $1,900 just a couple years ago. Silver’s meteoric rise was even more impressive, trading at just $5 an ounce in 2004 and rocketing to $48 an ounce in 2011. Put into perspective, a $10,000 investment in gold 10 years ago would have been worth more than $50,000 at its peak while a $10,000 investment in silver a decade ago would have returned $96,000 at its zenith. Given these price jumps and the current trading levels there are signals of a new normal in precious metals.
The world has changed since the market meltdown in 2007 and the ensuing Great Recession. Governments have stepped in to prop up fragile economies around the world. The U.S. Federal Reserve still pumps $85 billion dollars a month into the U.S. economy through an unconventional monetary policy. “Quantitative Easing” is used when standard monetary policy has become ineffective and it has propped up the economy and the markets over the last five years. The question is, “for how long?” Because of these policies and the risk of inflation, many predict that gold and silver prices will far exceed all-time highs. There are several ways to capitalize on this potential imbalance.
One can purchase gold or silver bullion outright, buy a gold or silver ETF, or find gold and silver stocks with greater upside potential than the metals themselves. Of these three options gold and silver companies offer the highest potential return. One exploratory gold and silver company should be on the radar.
GNCC Capital is a gold and silver exploration stage company with multiple properties in Arizona. The company’s initial properties were selected very carefully for their outstanding characteristics as well as management’s belief that it can quickly and inexpensively drill out a resource base. Historical geologic data of these six properties suggest that with further exploration a higher than normal return can be achieved.
To hold down costs and maximize return, GNCC’s plan is to add significant value through extensive exploration. The company then plans to either sell the properties, contract the mining of the properties to a third party, or joint venture with a mining company to mine the properties.
These options reduce capital outlay for GNCC and maximize return for the company and the shareholders. If predictions are right about the deposits in these properties and the price of precious metals, GNCC could become golden opportunity.
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