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Facebook Inc FB

Sector: Technology | Sub-Sector: Internet Content & Information

Facebook Inc is a social networking website which builds products that creates utility for users, developers and advertisers.
Price: $74.57 | Change: $-0.24 | %Change: -0.32%
Volume: 20.1m | Day High/Low: 75.19/74.415 | 52 Week High/Low: 76.74/38.145

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RE:Facecrook - "Everywhere You Are, Were, and Will Ever Be..."

Did your FB identity just get "Server-Served" or just receive a Summons via official Facecrook posting to your profile? Exited $73.38 (+15%) as that could be bad for MAU's.... something overheard...read more
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RE:Who buys any of the advertisers' products shown on FB?

I expect your question is rhetorical and comes from some level of stupidity the rest of us can't comprehend. Maybe millions buy.... but enough from you...here's ignore #334.  That said I feel bad...read more
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my FB is set up to show no advertising. Stockhouse has more

advertising. Stockhouse should go public, most likely worth more that FB!  rate and reply
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Who buys any of the advertisers' products shown on FB?

rotflmao, what a scam for sheeples this is. such a flock of suckerbergs they are in queue to be fleeced. baaaaa. glta, short is now the trade for profits.  rate and reply
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$100...by XMAS

FB made new highs----congrats shareholders  rate and reply
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Facebook opens office in China

Expect more business there?  rate and reply
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Markets recovering from Lows

Facbook evaluation  +$70  rate and reply
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Facebook Stock Split 2 for 1

Why not?  Revenues are  increasing and P/E ratio dropping.  Great news!  rate and reply
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Facebook Plans Dividend

After the nextrquaterly report?  Why not?  rate and reply
3 stars

It's done

Wonderful the crash has started blood bath for this government promoted Liberal garbage.  rate and reply
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Facecrook - "Everywhere You Are, Were, and Will Ever Be..."

Login to FB & verify your indentification and privacy settings for a new starting full position (15 positions) in Facecrook Cusip @ $63.53 ACB in the "pump n dump" quasi federal reserve currency...read more
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RE:FB is too beneficial to miss right now. Discover why!

FB is number 1  rate and reply
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FB is too beneficial to miss right now. Discover why!

If you are searching for information regarding the stock market, then you may want to research this.... http://w2gu.tk/s  rate and reply
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First target is 18

Blood bath nears for this garbage.  rate and reply
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As per my friend from BB and all Canadian's feel this way they just don't say it. Happy when there is smoke and dust blowing and nothing remains! One sick country!  rate and reply
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Hahaha d-ick er

Brain dead FB is garbage sick people made to liberalize the world illuminati puke. They have war RT is news CNN is a site of the swingers let them stay in the cesspool of USA Obama Kerry sickness...read more
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RE:TWTR hahahaha

LOL how can a company that turns big profits be labelled as garbage?  TWTR is garbage right now but FB is making big money.  rate and reply
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TWTR hahahaha

Garbage same as FB it was only a matter of time for a puke to start this is nothing these are going to nothing. Puke em all Government C at sackeurs hahaha lower all face baak users hahahaha rude it's...read more
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FB may well become the ticker to view this week.

I personally wished to present this newsletter with all of us... This service has an article with extensive info of hot small cap stocks.... http://snipurl.com/28mic87  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Face Kick

Bush had destroyed America's economy..Started thw WAR stahed  911 Failed the housing market..jobs and given money to the bqnks for  managements bonuses....  rate and reply