or any other board again.

My last post will be a public apology to Mr Duncan.

If I have publically caused him any personal or professional harm I apologize for these actions. It was & never has been my intent to slander or bring public humiliation to anyone & I make a public apology to anyone that I might have offended or hurt through irresponsible uninformed posts.

My intentions were to spur debate about both the company & the management but never to slander anyone intentionallly. For any of my action that might have gone beyond the accepted norm I apologize  for my indiscretions,poor judgement,  & lack of sensitivity that might be taken as a personal attack on anyones character.

Mr Duncan I'm truely sorry & ashamed of my irresponsible posts.

To everyone who has contributed to this board I would like to thank you all & good luck in the coming years ahead.