crabhouse8, here is your last post:

Do not make one out to be full of sh t if you do not check out the statement of said person. Call AMW or Fission and they will, if honest tell you the drilling is not going well. In a period of time they have been at it with 2 drills aided by a rotary rig doing the difficult work for them should be done at least 10 holes by now, especially at the shallow depths they are going. This they have not got done. Ice drilling requires holes to be done efficiently as ice does not last forever. Efficient is not happening. Does not mean they have not got a tremendous find here but it requires successful holes to back up previous hole reports. I am sure your reply is coming as you comment on everything on this board.

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I'd have to go with the first part of it, the first sentence, that you are full of Sh t.

I'll stick with Ben Ainsworth and his son, and the good Dr. Gunning plotting the course for them and the rest of the crew. The drill team they picked I am sure is one of the best out there as they have a track record with HATHOR (HAT) when they were in charge of that ship for hitting the target they drill for. Nobody I know has been more successful than they were at the Roughrider zone. So far the first two holes were more than stellar, right out of the gate. That was the drill working on land. The ice is in great shape as per their comments and that drill is doing its thing.

Be patient and let it happen, that is if you are a shareholder. Don't know if you are or not and it doesn't matter, you obviously have an interest in PLS whether it is for good or bad intentions, who knows. Being interested is the reason you are here, same as the rest of us, only the majority are here in a positive fashion wanting to see constructive things take place which they are, as opposed to negative things which you seem to be all about from your first post where we couldn't figure out whether you were asleep, or just couldn't understand the full extent of the press release.

Please tell us what is so bad with the drilling campagne so far, whether it is from your experience as a driller, CEO of a company or what. Tell us if it is first hand information from visiting the drill site at PLS or just hearsay. Please enlighten the board what is being done wrong by AMW/FIS management and how to rectify the problem.

From my point where I sit, I can tell you that I have not been to PLS in person, but am plugged into the information flow with great people and if there was any mishaps and mis-steps taking place I would have heard about it. So far from all I have spoken to everything is going as good. The official news release with the terrific results speaks for itself.

Smarten up and pay attention, brush up on your reading skills and wait for the next news whenever it may happen. Drill program just nicely started with great results already. Unless you have real news that can take the official news releases to task, you know what to do!!