It's not too often you get a property and team of people together that excite as much as the PLS under both FIS and AMW here... Of everything I have read about investing in the junior space here the one thing that always rises above even the potential of the property is the experience and the quality of the people managing the company and when it comes to the uranium space I don't think it gets much better then the team that discovered the roughrider deposit... I do think this early excitement, this feeling of being on the edge of something big, is justified... of course only time will tell...This is a quote from a resourceclips interview back in Nov that really interested me, Jody Dahrouge if FIS explains a key difference in exploring uranium over gold: “There aren’t many one-off holes in the basin. These discoveries tend to have size to them. If you’re looking for gold you can often drill 10 metres of gold, then drill 50 more holes and never hit it again. We know that we’ve hit significant uranium in these holes.”