Regarding the ice thickness at Patterson Lake,,,,,,,,,,,the cold weather does not necessarily indicate that ice formation will naturally become thicker. The amount of snow cover in Northern Sakatchewan this winter is insulating the ice from usual thicknesses. The operator will have to mechanically remove the snow cover, typically done with a low ground pressure (LPG) piece of equipment such as a SnowCat, in order to let the ice freeze down more........Failing that, flood pumps are used to add more water on top of existing ice to build up ice thickness in tha fashion. Either method works but requires time and is sometimes labour intensive. A minimum of 36 inches of blue ice is required to put a diamond dril onto the ice with 30 inches of ice required for a skidder, the piece of equipment used to typically move a drill around the the Basin. There is a tremendous amount of logistical work to be done before pulling a drill onto a body of water----is anyone monitoring this?????????????????????????

Someone should have been working on this project onsite since Dec 15. Recovering anything or anyone from frozen depths is no fun and no life is worth that.