I'll dance with you on this one for sure. It's ironic if you think about this in the context of the current market, the resource and then the uranium market. The stock prices of most companies in the gold and uranium sectors are near 52 week lows. Look at CCO. This is a bad time for retail and institutional investors, its so bad that some will never come back to the stock market table. Canada Revenue Agency should see a record number of capital loss carry backs this year.

But the Alpha shareholders on the brink of share price disaster are served up with a real discovery, and one that is so hard to find! Buying into this company is a no brainer with a market cap under 25 million. Look at how much shareholder money PTU spent over the years and what did they find? 

There are many unknowns no question on that, but there is size potential here at PLS and the current market cap provides an incredible risk to reward ratio. Cheers !