He put this  on my screen,  huge gains  this month  have  given  me    800  % on my    11 dollar calls.  I  see no resistance to  14  dollars here.  This is a play on  carrier spending  much more     in 2013 and improved  metrics in Europe.   I  see bullsih moves in 2013 for  ERIC,  CSCO  and another sleeper stock  in TLAB.    TLAB    had useless managment   but in a stroke of luck  to  long suffering investors  bot the  CEO  and the Board Chairman   both died of leukemia several  months apart.     New management  in place and  cash rich  telcos  with a wish  list of fancy  gadgetry could   make  TLAB a  dark  horse multibagger. The  other   names  are    more blue chip,  TLAB  is  the speculative  one in the space.