Thanks " lucker222 " you find some great info.


It is my wish that those that don't get what Rick Rule is saying. will watch it a few times. and give it some thought.


Most of the posters here do " get it "


I follow the 80 / 20 rule.  80 % don't get it and likely never will.  Of the 20 % that do get it, 80 % will act, but fear will still play a role.  The other 20 % will gather all the info they can and make a life changing decision.  


Markets like these come along, and hang around for a long time.  Much longer than BULL markets.  Espescially in the Junior Resource markets.  When total capitualtion happens, Rick Rule thinks it hasn't happened yet, I think we are in the middle of it, it is very difficult to pull the trigger, the negative sentiment is so overwhelming.  Again, I think we are experiencing it right now.  


It is a matter of how much longer it takes to clear the decks and wait for the next catalyst to turn things around.  It will happen, trying to find the very lowest entry level is a waste of time, and energy.  Scale in your buying if you happen to have a lot of dry powder, otherwise just buy your flavour of the day, after your DD. and wait it out.