I am a big believer in scaling buying into a falling market and the same on a rising market.  I am not trying to find ground zero either way.  When the shareprice hit 10 cents, and as it turns out I was just as lucky exiting the Creek, I became a buyer not a catcher.  Yes I was fortunate to buy the stock at the price mentioned.  I had no idea it was sitting there.  Maybe the stock " Gods " were taking care of me.  There does come a point when the selling stops.  I do not think it is over, I do think it is close to an end.  If we, as interested shareholders, don't do our part in cleaning this up, it ends up going to others close to the low that have their own agendas and we will see it all the way back up.  Most of us will hold on for a bit and let the share price breath and get its feet on the ground.  Again, I recommend scaling your selling in.  The flock will return as buyers in the mid 30's and take it to the mid 40's. That is where the highest volume will take place. The smart money will start coming in around the high teens and take it to the low 30's.  We are here picking up the cheapest stock as we have a vested interest and know the company.  It will be a rather slow process as a lot of shares have traded hands in the last year under 20 cents.  When the volume picks up, it is the signal to scale in selling.  Then use your dry powder for the inevitable settling back.  As I see it the roadblocks are 16 / 18 / 24 / 28 / 34.  At that point the masses start doing there thing.  Time to be a seller.  As it works itself higher become a little more aggressive.  When it does reach a peak and starts to sell off, wait a week or two then start scaling buyng in.  This is a real company with real potential.  No one gets hurt buying value, just try to protect yourself on the way.


Thats all I have to say about that.....................would you like a chocolate.