I responded to your private message, might as well do so here also.  more or less.


We have traded less than 50 k worth money wise.  There is still stock coming out due to redemptions and day traders taking there 2 cents and running.  At some point this will end.  I see the share price gapping in the near future.  The institurions will run out of powder on the sell side and the hit and run artists will always be around but not in big numbers.


As far as a potential take over.  The only company that would come into play is Xstrata.  As far as I can tell the arrangement as it stands is working for all concerned.  Contracts are in place.  Nothing of course is written in stone.  I don't see a deal done at less than mid thirties or higher.  Or at all.  Sandstorms deal would have to be dealt with also.


I do wonder how people decide how much to pay, when buying a stock.  If the item is worth 30 cents, and it can  be bought for much less, why would a buyer try to buy it for even less.  When I bought my stock last week, the offering was 11 cents.  My bid had a 12 cent limit.  Stock prices do not go up if buyers will not pay up.  Therefore we spin our wheels.  If you want traction, create some.