Today we witnessed another big drop across the commodities sector and particularly in the PMs.  The SP are so low that it will become increasingly more difficult to fund exploration and operation.  The juniors are now facing dire straits and will begin to fold here and there along with some mergers for survival's sake.  2014 and 2015 will see fewer companies remaining in the space.  Worldwide production figures for all materials will contract supporting the imminent price increases for all commodities.  The landscape will change and we must ensure we are ever so diligent in the stock picks we make.  Thank goodness we can taste the coming production.  Pheww!


Not to pump but this company seems interesting:  IGE Innovente (brand new shiny baby with huge insider holdings and repeatable recipe for success)  Let me know what you think if you care to share.


Have a nice weekend somebody, anybody, please take Pauline Marois away and use her for target practice.