Management has a job of addressing shareholder expectations; they need to work of this aspect of their responsibilities, providing better market guidance.



  I'm gob smacked....................your obviously not a DR. of psychology, nor do you have a very good understanding of what Management can and can not do.


I'm curious...........How does management, or anyone else for that matter, deal with anyones expectations about anything.  No two people see anything the same way.  Having expectations of anything or anybody is a waste of time.  Just a great way to set one up for disappointment.


" Providing better market guidance ".....................I have no idea where you are going with that one.


Management do have some responsibilities.....................Many of whom totally disregard them.  That is why they are key to any future success, with no guarantees of success, in this crazy SPECULATIVE market.  This is not investing, I'm not sure what is for that matter, this is gambling.  Management, of the type we want to get behind, do their collective best to have a business plan they can work with and the ability to raise money.  DON's management have done just that.


They release News when there are material changes, and timely updates when deemed appropriate.  Keeping in mind that Xstrata doles out most of the news as they run the project.  YES, it is frustrating at times to feel like we are no in the loop.  I have talked to management and IR many times and they can only say what is already out there.  There is no room for them to speculate on what might happen.


Bringing in the New President was one of the big changes.  I'm not sure the shareholders understand that.  Couples4 has made it his business to check in with him as he feels more comfortable speaking French.  I applaud him for going to the meeting in Montreal and following up with phone conversations.  That to me is what due diligence is all about.  Keeping in touch, reading what is available, sharing thoughts on bullboards.  Once that is taken care of some of the expectations will be dealt with. 


There has been mention of why the selling is there.  EASY.....................Most people searching out Flow through financings are very short sighted and they are just loking for a tax write down.  THEY DO NOT CARE ONE IOTA WHAT DONNER DOES OR MIGHT DO, THEY JUST WANT AS MUCH OF THEIR MONEY BACK AS THEY CAN GET.


50 million shares give or take..................AND, what has been sold is now in the hands of people that may or may not stick with things for a while.  They could  be waiting for the price to get into the 20's then become sellers.


  There is no telling what the future holds, no one knows, we can all make guesses informed or otherwise.  That is for each individual to decide, it is certainly not managements job.  Having said all this I support managment and I am not a shareholder.  A very interested bystander for the foreseeable future.  I THINK, I do not know, that things will look a lot brighter at year end.


GLTA.............have fun and will be what it will be.  It is what it is.  Now there's some psychological bable for you.