i didn't mean to come off as adversarial whatsoever, there are many people out there though that assume options and warrants are just "free". If i ran a company I don't think i would issue options to any employee myself included for less than 10% above a 20 dma. Considering what this stock has done i think it would have been a vote of confidence to the REST of the shareholder base to issue them at .22-.25. It would show some upside promise. I know the management here is working hard, but that's hardly working for the share price. Stock price is at the same price it was in 2009. Hopefully some technicals kick in here and the stock turns up a bit and the 50dma crosses over the 200dma for a nice golden cross.

I can't do anything but thank management for such a superb job of financing this mine, building it on time and schedule, but at some point that has to pay off for holders. We can only hope that cashflow is proven and solid within the next 6 months at which point the stock should begin to move. I've never been so sure of a stock and that's what scares me the most, lol.