You bring up a good point Mishky.  Marois has proven to us all that she is entirely incompetent in taxing Quebecers.  First she stated she would impose a retroactive capital gains tax implying that whatever you earned in previous years could instantly trigger amounts owing based on her new calculations - essentially encouraging us to submit our tax return under current rules but if she "feels like it" then she will wave her magic wand and "poof" we will owe additional amounts in future years.  May as well tell the accountants to throw away the tax code and just fill in the blank and hold your nose.


Then she paraded through the streets brandishing her red square in support of tuition hike freezes - well lo and behold this incompetent cow slashes $200 MM from university budgets due to fiscal constraints.  She is out to lunch with her ideas.  One utter failure after another.


Then she decides to retroactively tax all stores and depanneurs on the beer, wine and tobacco sales made during the previous year effectively handing them a huge lump sum bill for everything the merchant already bought and resold to the general public - let me tell you she made a whole bunch of friends on that brilliant move.  The cow is about as delicate as a bull in a china shop.


She has absolutely no clue as how to manage the province - let alone a hot dog stand!  The royalty regime will change but the move will be made with consultations within the mining industry.  That should help as she risks losing huge investments if she doesn't tread carefully.  Secondly and most importantly X has a few aces up their sleeves when it comes to theses negociations. They have a mine (or arguably more), they have 2 smelters receiving ore from Perseverance and then BM and a huge workforce that pays enormous amounts of income tax to the gov't.  Should Marois push too hard she may upset the applecart and cause layoffs and a crimping of her tax receipts.  It is a delicate balance and I'm sure she has been advised not to picc off the mining industry.


My 2c