I'm here keeping an eye on things.  The board is doing a great job of informing each other and everyone is a bit edgy as time goes by. 


I am supposed to have a talk with David Patterson soonish, all depends on what he is up to and when he gets some free time.  Sounds like Robin Adair gave a good talk and made himself available to the crowd that showed up.  He is very good at what he does and he has very high hopes for the Mattagami camp.  He made that very clear about 5 years ago when he came to the Calgary show.  That is when I met David and Andrea also.  Bit of a life changing meeting for me.


There will be a few significant barriers, price wise, before DON can realize its true worth.  Keeping in mind there are still many millions of flow through shares that break even in the 17 cent area.  So, 20 / 25/ 28/ 35 and 40 will be major hurdles to get through.  By the time it is trading in the 40's I would expect the shareholder list to look much different than it does now.


Life of mine and the price of Zn will be the catalyst to much higher prices.  Be prepared for some great numbers out of Deep Mcleod.  It has intrigued me from day one.


My TFSA went into Donnycreek, so I am still not a shareholder.  When I talk to David, I will ask about Donner, and see if he can tell me anything of value.  He is my source of info on the Creek also.


I can't emphasize enough what  developing some rapport with Management of the companies you buy a piece of, can do for you.  First and foremost you get a decent read on who they are.  At the very least talk to the IR person.  That is what they are there for.  Andrea does a great job for DON.