We have traded our copper gold and silver for up front cash which leaves us with

35% of the ZN and roughly 10% of the CU AU and AG

ZN grade is 9.2% = 184 lbs ton our met capture is 91% = 167 lbs

our split with Xstrata is 65/35 so 35% of 167 = 59 lbs ZN /ton

*Cost to mine, mill, admin and cap ex charge is $73/ton to both parties our share(35%) is $27/ton

so on current metal prices ZN at .86/ton = $50.75 /ton

the small stuff 10% of CU /AU/ AG after met recovery of 86% CU 29% AU 47% AG comes to $10.60

all in lets call it $61 a ton value to us and *$27 /ton cost    =    $ 34 /ton to the good

to start with similar but not exactly the same *ore assume 85% mill online (310 days/year)

310 x 34 x 2800 tpd (assume 28k tpd) = $29,500,000

29500000 / 270,000,000 (pad the share count a bit)    could see .10 eps

.... its not all going to work out perfectly in year one .... but it’s a good a set up as any i can see out there

* as Perseverance


what do i hate = why do i like Donner

1 permitting issues

2 lots of action ... Congo, Argentina, Mauritania, Alaska,  etc etc

3 jacka...es who haven't done it before

4 spending 800 million on a mill and tailings  pond

5 no water

6 no rail

7 no cheap power