"Net cash cost over the Life of Mine, including all site and processing costs, treatment 
charges and freight to refinery or smelter, net of by-product credits and excluding 
capital, is estimated at US$0.42/lb of accountable zinc at an exchange rate of 
CA$1.04/US$. Considering capital, it stands at US$0.69/lb of accountable zinc over 
the same period. "
"The commodity prices at which the NPV(7%) reaches US$69.8M combined with an 
IRR of 26.1%, assuming that all other treatment charges are at project prices, are 
US$0.96/lb Zn, US$3.00/lb Cu, US$14.40/oz Ag and US$1200/oz Au. "
That's out of the feas.
Also, someone can correct me if i'm wrong but we will be processing more tpd than originally planned in that study, so production should be higher and costs lower I would think.