Some, not all, know my position re consolidation.  For what it is worth to set the record straight I'm all for it.  BUT, there is always a but.  I'm in conflict with a poster that said he talked to the CEO and reported that this is likely.  I spoke with David Patterson a little over a week ago and he said it is not on the table at this point.  He did say that should they get involved with another company and the potential of having far too many shares out, they would likely pull everything together in a tighter bundle.  MY WORDS, but you get the idea.


As has been pointed out, making money is the first thing to take care of.  I had hoped that we woud have seen some movement by year end.  That does not look do-able in this market environment with the number of shares over hanging the market.  PERHAPS, if everyone made the same move as I, come January,  put their TFSA to good use, we could clear out a few million shares and show a little interest in the stock.  That is my plan at the moment, subject to change of course.