I concur dlalaa2000. Stock plays that Bharti and co. are involved in must be watched closely. I personally would never invest in a Bharti play which has matured. Once the play has been set up it would not be a far stretch of the imagination to assume that it would then function as an "ATM" machine for certain individuals. However, since Enblast is only in the Bharti and Co. startup stage I feel there will be mostly upside in this stock for several months to come. It's always profitable to note when stock options have been granted to insiders. With Bharti's options at ten cents he will promote YNR above ten cents and attempt keep it there until he can exercise his stock options and over a period of time sell into the market at prices over ten cents so he can realize a profit. Since he's not working on anything else right now that I know of, I feel YNR will be headed for a promotional campaign. We all know that is what he has done in the past and it is a resasonable assumption this will occur again. I'm strictly in this play to hitch a ride on the promotion machine and will sell out when it becomes obvious that YNR has no more upside. I do like the math on this one though. With the options priced %100 above current share price an investor [or gambler?] can be looking at at least a %100 profit if YNR goes into full promotional mode. This is worth looking at over the short to medium term but is definitely a stay away from investment from a long term perspective.