I have been following this whole fiascal for over a year and the only thing I see is that we have a guy who valued and OVER promoted the company as a $2.8 billion dollar copper project, That made me excited and want to get involved. I understand the reson behind the valuation because the report was done by Samuel Engineering . That is fine and dandy but what about recent reports from Raymond James that valued the Los Azules some where around $109 million. Is the litigation brought on by TNR really that huge of a discount? If so then why are MAI shareholders only getting .45 against the new shares? I want to know where did our $2.7 billion go, and why would there be such a huge discrepency from SE's report to RJ's report. As a shareholder I would have to vote NO but thanks for the letter RM you seemed to have left that out of the circular.

Happy New year