This reminds me of Bre-X when people were lining up hoping a recovery was iminent. The only thing coming is the liquidation of assets. No one is going to rush in a the 11th hour to take on this headache and debt.

Go check out Azure AZD this one is a green initiative waiting to happen, check out some of the the links and stories. Congressmen are marching up the hill with Apturas tap into the billions in funding for envoirnmnetally friendly vehicles, Azure supplies the drivetrains and contol modules. There will be over 100,000 of these on the road over the next 5 years. This does not even count the thousands of new Fords coming out with Azures new Hybrid drivetrain.

Good luck holding onto the dream of a recovery in this big giant. This NT is just like Quebecor World all over again. $16 to 3 cents in under 6 months.