I have made a little money in the last 6 mths from this stock.

So I do own it now.

I bought some for longer term, some for shorter term  and some to sell at 6 cents - hopefully soon.

Depending on how you play the game and your expectations you will make or lose money here.

I do not expect to become rich on this stock but a few grand made would be very nice indeed.

I am looking onward to another generator at ElBibane = 200 bls of oil by Feb/13.

Also rearrangement of debt with Geo.

Masasgasgar hopefully have a drill going soon.

Stock going to a buck? NO.

I will take 6 cents and sell some.  Ten cents and I would sell a lot more.

Core holding would be left. 

Maybe this will happen as I hope.

But holding on and doing nothing - then you have a problem.

Not with the company but with yourself.