Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM) Moving Rapidly with Excellagen

Excellagen, Cardium’s FDA-cleared highly-refined fibrillar collagen-based topical gel designed to facilitate wound care management for diabetic ulcers and many other types of wounds, has been the center of much of Cardium’s recent activity. The product was selected by Podiatry Today, an award-winning monthly publication on foot care, as one of the top 10 podiatry innovations in 2012, and is considered a very promising tool for accelerating the wound healing process. Cardium recently announced the formation of a Medical Advisory Board for Excellagen, made up of leading practitioners, clinicians, and researchers with diversified expertise in the field of advanced wound care. The company also announced the publication of an Excellagen “Profiles in Excellence 2012” article in Podiatry Management and two presentations at the Desert Foot 2012 High Risk Diabetic Foot Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Excellagen has been the subject of positive findings by physicians actively using Excellagen, with a number of physicians observing a rapid onset of the growth of granulation tissue, an important part of the wound healing process. In certain cases, rapid granulation tissue growth and wound closure have been reported using Excellagen’s wound care management therapy following unsuccessful treatment with other advanced wound care approaches. In addition, remarkable biological healing responses have been observed following cancer-related Mohs surgery for patients diagnosed with squamous and basal cell carcinomas, including deep surgical wounds.

Having received FDA clearance for Excellagen, Cardium has established cGMP out-sourced manufacturing and supply with UK-based Angel Biotechnology. The company has also developed cold chain logistics and distribution with Smith Medial Partners, and initiated a pathway toward securing private payer and government product reimbursement, including Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and has assembled an internal strategic and tactical sales and marketing team. The company is currently engaged in physician relationship building with key opinion leaders, product sampling, practice integration, and building a portfolio of physician case studies.

Excellagen has been engineered to serve as a delivery platform enabling multiple device and therapeutic product extensions. The company is currently in discussions with strategic partners to establish representation, marketing and sales, or co-promotional arrangements into various U.S. vertical wound healing market channels.

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