I have been a Alderon share holder for 4 years now and have made a great amount of money during the rise & falls. Dawg seems to either have an itch for Alderon or just fleas. 

I thought I would see who this joker is. Upon clicking his profile I saw he has CHM ( Champion Iron Mines ) in his portfolio.  When I looked at the 1 year chart for CHM & ADV I saw great similarities . Starting from Feb 20.2012 CHM has gone from $2.01 to .53 cents today. From the same date Feb 20.2012 ADV has gone from $3.59 to $1.50 today. So there you have it , Dawg's CHM has not been spared with the Iron Ore sell off. Now what makes this even more interesting is that when you go into the CHM board there is no sign of poor little Dawg. So why is he so upset with Alderon ( which he doesn't own ) ,but he has nothing bad to say about CHM. Is that strange or what ? All I can think of is that maybe Dawg doesn't like the Chinese  because the company he seems to hate has a huge deal on the table with the Chinese & CHM doesn't. 

In conclusion , from a business point of view - when you are flying overseas to make huge deals like ADV has done with China's second largest steel company it would probably not be in Alderons best interest to travel via camel back.  So what if they spent a little more than usual on travel , these guys have made the front page before with Consolidated Thompson and they are so close to doing it again ! 

Now Dawg will reply because he wants to mark his territory. He's been exposed and please don't comment to him anymore. He's full of  fleas & BS. 

Shmoogs !