Reestablishment of the truth about the meeting at the Ministry of Mines and Energy on 04/11/2013
On 12/04/2013, the ADEPAG reported on his blog a series of falsehoods and defamatory statements under the heading "Pau broke within the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Vitor Amarildo and unmask the Colossus coup to grab the area of ??700 hectares. " Because of misinformation caused by such news, we felt the need to clarify the following:
1) The meeting took place in an atmosphere of absolute normality, having been conducted in a thoroughly professional. All of them used the word respecting the time that each had to express their points of view. At the end, everyone present was greeted very friendly, with smiles and handshakes.
2) The meeting was convened by the Secretary of Geology and Mining of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Carlos Nogueira da Costa Junior, at the request of the Vale S / A to formalize the exercise of the Option Agreement.
3) Present: the Bureau of Geology and Mining of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Carlos Nogueira da Costa Junior, Edson Farias Mello and Marcel Stenner, by Colossus, Claudio Mancuso, Daniel Vilas Boas and Rosana Entler; Vale, Fernando Greco and John Santos Coelho; Coomigasp by Valdemar Falcão and six people, among them Paul Vitor Albarado, president of the organization named Adepag.
4) The Colossus has no knowledge that there was discussion about who would participate or not the meeting and any of his representatives made any request or manifestation accordingly. When they arrived at the meeting, were already present in the entourage of Coomigasp, Valdemar Falcão, Paulo Vitor Albarado and five other people.
5) The so-called Area B was negotiated with Vale in April 2010 by Coomigasp together with the Colossus. The Area B was always thought of as the natural continuation and development partnership in Area A. The Option Agreement between Vale and Coomigasp was signed on 19/04/2010 and their transfer to SPCDM was approved by the General Assembly of Coomigasp 07/05/2010.
6) From April 2010 to April 2013, the Colossus invested alone, U.S. $ 24 million dollars in geological surveys in Area B.
7) On 18/03/2013, the SPCDM exercised its option to acquire the Area B. The purchase price shall be paid exclusively by Vale Colossus. Thus, the Area B will be transferred to the Vale SPCDM, causing Coomigasp acquire at no cost, 25% of Area B, and the Coomigasp also be entitled to awards under the contract of assignment.
8) During the meeting at the Ministry, representatives of Vale confirmed that the Assignment Agreement signed between Coomigasp SPCDM and was submitted to the legal department of the Valley and considered legally valid.
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